Monday February 29, 2016

Wow!! Wow!!  What a Sunday for Elation Nation!  

Happy birthday to Coach Mike’s son Mikey!! The gymnastic guru! 

Congrats to Lisa, Heidi, Becky, Stacey and Jenn on their first comps as amazing Crossfitting women!!! Congrats to  Nancy for doing well today also! 
Lastly…HUGE CONGRATS TO COACH SUE —she qualified for the Pan Am Games in Puerto Rico and for Nationals in Georgia!  She hit a lifting total of 127 (52 kg snatch and 75kg CNJ) in her first sanctioned Olympic lifting competition! 

16.1 : one last day to complete it or re-do it !  Submit your scores before 5pm if possible. That will give us time to validate your scores! We don’t want to lose any scores that you worked so hard for!!

Today’s WOD:


partner hamstring barbell smash!!


Tabata squats

Box bench press 3×8


8 min AMRAP

8 deadlifts (135/225)

16 push-ups

24 dubs

2 min rest then,

5 min AMRAP

10 wall balls (14/20)

5 Med ball squat cleans