Monday May 2, 2016

Check our Facebook page in the next few days for hip strengthening exercises. These should be done 4 X week.

Yoga: Great Job Karen Walton on Sunday’s class!!  New yoga schedule: Thursday Yin Yoga with Karen at 7:15pm. (No CF @715 — come to the 515 or 615!) Sunday Flow yoga with Jenn at 10:00am. 

OPEN HOUSE!! June 4 from 11-3! Family and friends, old members and new members!! Food, “Elation” WOD, raffles and special auction items!! Spread the word!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSIE!! 5/2/90, 26 yo!




90 dubs

5 rounds of

7 pullups

9 power cleans (95/135),

Cash out 123 bar hops ( each way is 1 rep)

Rx +:

Skill: weighted pistols

90 dubs, then 

5 rounds

7 C2B pullups

9 squat cleans (115/155),

Cash out 123 lateral bar hops,

REST 2 Minutes

5 rep max deadlifts (4 sets)

3×4 clean triples ( shrug/shrug high pulls/power cleans)


3 rounds of

30 secs each of, rest 30 seconds between each round

6″ holds


Vertical scissor kicks