Partner Workouts

Stadium Strong Chipper (Workout 1)

For time:  

Partner 1 does 400m run

When the run is finished, both partners work to complete 150 double unders (Scaled = 300 single unders; Masters = 150 double unders or 300 single unders)

Then, both partners work to complete 100 kettlebell swings (RX = 35/53#; Scaled/Masters = 26/35#)

Then, both partners work to complete 10 sandbag carries on the bleachers (5 each, alternating)

Then, partner 2 does 400m run.

After the final run is finished, both partners move to the finish mat.

Score = Total time to complete all work

Further clarification:

Double/single unders may be broken up any way; however, each partner must do at least one rep. One person works at a time.

- KB swings may be broken up any way; however, each partner must do at least one rep. One person works at a time.

- Masters may choose if they want to do 150 double unders or 300 single unders. Once you start, you may not switch up the movement (i.e. if you start with double unders, you cannot switch to single unders). Additionally, BOTH partners must do the same movement (i.e. both must do double unders or both must do single unders). Remember, the reps can be broken up any way you’d like, however, each partner must do at least one rep.


Show us Your Strength (Workout 2)


8 minutes to establish 1 rep max: Clean, Hang Clean, Jerk

Score: Average weight lifted (i.e. total weight divided by 2)


– For a complete good rep of the complex, once the bar is lifted off of the ground for the first clean it may not touch the ground until the jerk is finished. If doing a split jerk, both feet must come back together with arms locked overhead to be a good rep. Please listen to your judge to give you a “good” signal before dropping the bar from the top of the jerk.

– For the clean, power or squat clean is acceptable. For the jerk, any kind of shoulder to overhead is acceptable (shoulder press, push press, push jerk, split jerk).

– You will have one bar to use between the two of you.

– Both partners can attempt the lift as many times as they wish and can switch in and out as many times as they’d like.


Thrust ‘em? I barely know ‘em! (Workout 3)

8 minutes of:

Back loaded lunges and thrusters

(RX = 65/95#, Scaled/Masters = 45/75#)

Score = total yards on lunges + total thrusters


- One partner is doing the back loaded lunges while the other partner is doing as many thrusters as possible.

- You must switch every 15 yards of lunges.

- For the switch: Partner 1 drops the bar after lunging 15 yards, they run back and tag partner 2 who has been doing thrusters. Partner 1 picks up the bar to do thrusters. Partner 2 runs out to the lunge bar, picks it up and lunges another 15 yards. Then, partner 2 drops the bar and runs back to tag partner 1… etc, for 8 minutes.

- The length of lane for lunges will be 45 yards. When you reach the 45 yard mark, turn around and start lunging back (still switching with your partner every 15 yards).

- Lunge standards: Back knee must touch the ground. You don’t have to bring your feet back together every time, i.e. you can step through into the next lunge. However, if you are stepping through you still must extend your hips fully before lunging again (demo video to come)


Floater and Championship WODs will be announced the day of!