Sunday Feb. 11, 2018

What an amazing day at at Cupid’s Revenge VI yesterday! We sent 7 teams to competition, with all 7 teams finishing in the top 8!!!!! A total of 53 teams were entered into this competition! All 7 Elation teams won their heat in the same WOD, involving KBS, goblet squats, and KB CNJ! We love our KBs don’t we? Every team gave it their all and then some! So much heart and grit out on the floor today! As your coaches, we couldn’t be more proud!

Lauren and Aaron (That’s what she said): finished tied for 4th in Lauren’s first competition after 9 months of CF!

Kathleen and Shaun (Shennigan’s): They got a PR today and finished in. The top 5 in a couple of WODS!

Aimee and Dave Jr (Cat Snatch Fever): despite an injury, Aimee and Dave placed first overall in the KB workouT, AND 7th overall!

Kelsey and Josh (Built by Bradley): these two qualified for the championship WOD, and finished 4th overall! This comp marks Kelsey’s one year anniversary with CF!

Samantha and Dan (Medium Buns, Medium Guns): these 2 finished 8th overall, placing in the top 5 in of the 2 of the wods!

Mike and Betsy (Little Guns and Little Buns): despite being over 40+, and maybe over 50, these two place 1st in 2 wods, 2-4th places and overall 3rd. Age is just a number!

Cassie and Tyler (Big guns and big Buns): These two totally ANNIHILATED the entire RX competition, sweeping 1st place in all wods and the championship wod!!!

Finally, thank you to Colleen for printing out some last minute shirts that looked awesome!!


8 min AMRAP

3, 6, 9, 12,…

Front Squats

Toes To Bar

Rest 2 mins

8 min AMRAP

3, 6, 9, 12,…

Back Squats

Knees to Elbows