Sunday Funday May 15, 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKY and  BELATED BIRTHDAY CATHY! Look for your birthday WOD on Monday! 

No mobility this morning, but there is YOGA at 10 with Jenn!! (oh hey, that rhymed!!)

Summer student special — $49/month! Spread the word!

OPEN HOUSE is June 4, 11-4pm.  Spread this also!!

TEAM WOD — since there were no AB CHALLENGES posted this weekend, here you go!!

Teams of 3, 6 minute stations, 2 minute rotations, AMRAP of core exercises!!

A) Air Dyne — 10m plank walks

B) Row — ball slams

C) Jump rope (singles) — GHD/V-ups

D) Run — MB situps

**2 people perform cardio, while 3rd does core exercise. Rotate every 2 minutes,rotate stations every 6 minutes.

**count total reps of ALL core exercises.