Mary (77 years old)Collage

I started attending CrossFit Elation in August 2016. During this time I’ve lost weight and gained muscle. I look forward to the WOD(workout of the day) because it sets a positive tone for the day. The coaches are dedicated to individually training each member. All the members are encouraging!

Tyler (26 years old)

In July of 2014 I started CrossFit. I played sports my whole life but not once had I ever touched a barbell or any serious weights. I weighed only 145 lbs. and within 1 year I put on muscle and size to the tune of 180 lbs.  Elation is a great place to get some serious fitness, have lots of fun, and meet great people. Working out is the best hour of the day.

Cassie (26 years old)

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 2.41.24 PMYou may look at my before and after pictures and not see much of a difference. That is because the change that Crossfit Elation has made in my life can’t be seen. Three years ago I was trying all kinds of workout routines to stay in shape and lose weight, but I wouldn’t stick with anything for more than two weeks. My mindset has completely shifted from just losing weight to becoming a strong and confident woman. With the membership diversity and workouts appealing to all levels of athletes, whether you’re looking to gain strength, tone down, gain confidence, workout with new friends, workout for a specific sport, or just workout for fun, Crossfit Elation is for YOU!